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"The very idea was not to create games, but rather to expand and encourage those who wished to. The purpose of our team is not to grow based on our abilities to create a game, but rather to build knowledge on our ability to grow."
- Alexander Stevens, CEO & Founder


Project Publishing

Liquid Digital Group is a holding company responsible for the developments & publications of all our projects, being games from Liquid Digital Gaming, or direct projects from any LDG affiliates. Whether you want to remain stress-free from legal intrusions, or don't want to go through the full process of publishing, marketing, and potential investment risks, Liquid Digital Group is an excellent way to start your career as a software developer!

The best reason to go through a publisher is for the provided resources and legal protection you couldn't get otherwise. You want as much help as you want with your game, why do it alone?

Why publish through Liquid Digital Group?

  • Funding
  • Marketing & Advertisements
  • Game Optimization
  • Online Distribution


Our Team

Alexander Stevens

Alexander Stevens

CEO & Founder

Liam Dugan

Liam Dugan


Alex Milanů

Alex Milanů

Head of Game Development