Liquid Digital Group is a startup development organization based in New Hampshire, United States. It was founded by Alexander Stevens on August 23rd, 2021, and officially opened on September 15th of the same year. The organization did not have its own address, a dedicated phone number, or even a main account during its conception. In that time, the team has expanded to a group of 5 people and has created websites, apps, and games across many platforms.

The ridged surface of the moon

"The very idea was not to create games, but rather to expand and encourage those who wished to. The purpose of our team is not to grow based on our abilities to create a game, but rather to build knowledge on our ability to grow."

-Stevens, Founder & Owner, December 2021.

While trying to recruit members to help him during the building stage of the company, Stevens had an idea to solicit students of game design and volunteers of people who design digital applications as their hobby. The company started as a way for development and game enthusiasts to work amongst a team of individuals with similar ideals, and to get experience in the fields they were a part of. The volunteer esthetic promoted people to work within the company on their own time and as a hobby, as opposed to having to worry about another job.

In the early months of 2022, a decision had been made to expand the organization into more than game creation, such as publication, backend services, contract work, and even product manufacturing. In May 2022, Liquid Digital Gaming became the child company of Liquid Digital Group, and since had a push to create and innovate new ideas.

Today, while still developing projects such as PixB and other games, Liquid Digital Group has moved on to external contracts, working with inspired individuals in turning their ideas into real products.